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Chad Reed, 614 Property Buyers Owner

Chad Reed, 614 Property Buyers Owner

The public wanted a fresh and honest approach to cash home buyers, Chad listened.  He opened 614 Property Buyers in 2013 and it’s no surprise that Columbus homeowners are thrilled.

The move to owning his own independent real estate company is only one of many things Chad was proud of. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Chad has created one of the fastest growing real estate companies that buys residential properties.  He achieved this through great communication, strong offers, and local knowledge of the Columbus area.

Early on in his career, Chad was hearing more and more, that home sellers were turned off by the aggressive buying tactics of other companies.  These sellers wanted to work with a transparent and trusted investor that was looking for a “Win, Win” situation.  So, Chad decided to strike out on his own and he’s been upholding his end of the bargain by providing fair offers with flexible terms.

Why Work With Us

Foreclosure issues? – It’s more common than you think.  The best way to handle it is to be proactive.  The faster you line up a buyer for your home the faster you can get out of real estate mess.

Missed a payment or two? – No problem.  You can sell your home even though you’re behind on the mortgage.

Lost Your Job? – The local economy changes faster than you can and a stable job is not the norm.  Don’t worry you have options.  If you’ve lost your job then call us today.

Job Transfer? – This situation is tricky because of the timelines.  We can do what others can’t by providing you a lease back option.  This allows you to stay in the home until you’re ready to move.

Missed A Payment Or Can’t Afford The Mortgage? – Then you need to act quickly.  Get an offer today and don’t allow the fees to accumulate.

Major Home Repairs? – Every first time home buyer is going to demand that you make repairs or concessions.  Some homeowners don’t have the cash to make large repairs.  You options when you work with an investor.

My Listing Agent Is Unable Sell My House? – Not all real estate agents are great at their jobs.  You don’t have to sell your home with an agent.  Why not receive a free offer today?